Spanish club officially change name to Flat Earth FC to publicise their bonkers theory


A SPANISH club have officially changed their name to Flat Earth FC – to publicise the owner’s bonkers theory.

The fourth-division side, formerly known as Mostelos Balompie, have also changed their club badge to an image of the earth as a flat disk.

A fourth-division side in Spain have officially changed their name to Flat Earth FC

Club president Javi Poves announced the bizarre twist on the team’s website.

Poves, 32, said: “We are a professional football club in the Spanish fourth tier and we are born to unite the voices of millions of flat earth movement followers and all those people who are looking for answers.

“Football is the most popular sport and has the most impact worldwide, so creating a club dedicated to the flat earth movement is the best way to have a constant presence in the media.

“This will also be the first football club associated with a cause and an idea, without having a specific location.

“Professional football clubs are subject not only to a nation, but also to a city.

“Flat Earth FC is the first football club whose followers are united by the most important thing, which is an idea.”

Some people think the Earth is flat because they cannot see a curve in photos or when travelling.

Others claim images showing the world as a sphere are FAKE, having been generated on a computer and not actually taken from space.

A general consensus by Flat Earthers is that the idea of the world as round is a way Nasa can dupe society along with governments to keep control.

The Flat Earth Society suggest “the space agencies of the world” conspired to fake “space travel” to hide the Earth’s “biggest secret”.

What is flat earth theory?

Flat earth theory is an archaic conception that the earth is shaped as a plane or a disk.

The idea was first seen in ancient cultures including the Romans until the classical period.

The theory is generally accepted as being disproved by Aristotle in 330BC but the idea of the earth being a sphere was suggested by Pythagoras in the 6th century.

However, the flat earth theory still holds weight today with some sects in society such as the Flat Earth Society.

Modern flat earth theories believe earth is a disc or a pentagon which is surrounded by mountains or a wall of ice.

They believe that the earth being round is a lie put out by the government – making it into a conspiracy theory.

Some of the theories suggests that the earth doesn’t orbit the sun but is instead fixed to a mobile in space, others claim it has a downward orbit.

Many flat earth theories rely on literal interpretations of biblical literature which provide the basis for the beliefs.

The conspiracy theory has risen to prominence recently as social media has provided a platform for flat earth theories to be shared and discussed.

It says: “This likely began during the Cold War.

“The USSR and USA were obsessed with beating each other into space to the point that each faked their accomplishments in an attempt to keep pace.”

Flat Earthers are heading to “the end of the world” in a bid to finally prove the planet is NOT spherical.

Some ‘Flat Earthers’ are convinced the Earth is a disk surrounded by frozen ice
This was the club logo for Mostoles Balompie before the name change
This is the new logo of Flat Earth FC as they try to promote the bonkers theory


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