Spanish cops 'move in’ and ‘BATON’ Liverpool fans ahead of Barca clash


Fans of The Reds have blasted Spanish police who “looked like they wanted a reaction”, after an incident ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League semifinal in Barcelona.

Spanish cops were accused of a heavy-handed approach following an altercation between a Reds fan and a local in the city’s historic Plaça Reial district.

Furious fans took to social media to slam police tactics, accusing them of “hugely over-reacting”.

One Red’s fan, oXo said: “They (Spanish police) looked like they wanted a reaction. None came. The restraint was commendable.

“They were batoned up in crash helmets. We were enjoying a drink in a bar at the side. Everyone in (the) square was having a good time.

“They rushed and batoned people for no reason. I would be shocked if I hadn’t seen Spanish policing of football before.”


READY: Liverpool fans soak up the pre-match atmosphere (Pic: Liverpool Echo)

Another claimed Spanish police had “completely blocked” Las Ramblas after chasing fans out of the popular gathering place of Plaza Real.

On condition of anonymity, one fan who witnessed the incident, told the Liverpool Echo:

“We were all stood in Plaça Reial about 7.30pm, there were hundreds of fans there singing with the banners out.

“A few feet away from me I saw a bit of a scuffle between a local fella and a Liverpool supporter – it didn’t look like much of anything to be honest but the Guardia Civil just swooped straight in.

“They were batoned up in crash helmets.”

Liverpool fan, ‘oXo’:

“About 50 Spanish police came in with the batons out, they dragged that lad out, but then they started moving all the other fans out of the square.”

“They were pulling down the flags and banners that were out and just confiscating them.”

They were kicking beers out of people’s hands and I saw one of them wielding the baton round. If they were after a reaction they didn’t get one.”

“We just got out as quickly as we could and it looked like fans were getting kettled and it ended up blocking La Rambla because there was nowhere to go.”

Another fan said: “Our friends were in the square when the police chased everyone out.

“Me and my sister arrived shortly after and saw that by chasing people out of the square they’d blocked La Rambla! I tried to cross La Rambla and got grabbed by the police for going under a cordon so would suggest people be careful around and about.

“They suggested reds go to Plaça Reial but rode in and chased them out so seems like Spanish police are up to their old tricks again. Be careful!”


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