Spanish women arrested after reporting breach of murder and organ-sale contract


Police said officers then arrested the two women and “set about tracing and detaining the male suspect,” in a statement. 

The supposed victim of the murder plot was found “in perfect health”, the statement added. The three suspects were set to appear before a judge on Thursday.

The women, aged 52 and 20, according to the EFE news agency, could be charged with intention to commit murder, while the 29-year-old fake spy is likely to be accused of various kinds of fraud.  

In a raid on the male suspect’s home police found a CV in which he claims to be a crack marksman and speak 22 languages, including Latin and Hawaiian. 

The man, who said he worked for Mossad and the CIA, claimed on a false service record to have taken out 1,897 “objectives”, while capturing another 524 in a total of 352 completed missions in 104 countries. 

He listed a total of 46 medals won during these missions. The authorities will also investigate how the male suspect came to possess documents with forged CNI logos.

The sixth article on the 10-point contract shown to the police by the two women states that if the target refused to donate his organs voluntarily, he would be obliged to do so in the “established ways”. The operation was to have been carried out by an antiterrorist squad within 60 and 180 days.  


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