Spotify for Android just received a feature many fans have been waiting for


Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world and comes with a deluge of content for users to enjoy, both for free and with a paid subscription.

In fact, last year Statista claimed Spotify had over 100 million paid subscribers worldwide.

Such a figure is practically double that of Apple Music that was said to have over 50 million paid subscribers at the time.

Spotify can be used on smartphones via an app or on desktops using a browser.

The mobile versions of the streaming platform are updated frequently; while many of these upgrades contain bug and stability fixes, some also introduce handy new features.

And it appears a recent upgrade for Spotify on Android has added a sleep timer that many users have been waiting for.

The new feature will allow users to set a time limit for playback; after such time has expired music will stop playing.

All timer options are limited to an hour or under.

The new feature can be accessed easily from within the Spotify app.

When listening to a song, press the options icon at the top right-hand side of the display.

This will present a list of actions, scrolling down should reveal a button aptly-titled “sleep timer”.

From there, users will be able to set a limit that suits them.

The exact release date of the update is unclear, but was able to access it on all the Android devices we tested.

Following the roll out, many Spotify users took to Reddit to express their gratitude for the fresh functionality.

One said: “They finally added a useful feature. I listen to relaxing music to fall asleep so this really helps.”

A second declared: “Nice, this is really useful when I’m listening to music in my bed on my phone and not on my PC (where I can use classic shutdown timer).”

A third user wrote: “I’ve been waiting for this feature forever.

“I’ve been listening to podcasts to fall asleep for the last little while, solely because my podcasting app has a sleep timer.

“Now I can fall asleep to music again, as it should be!”

iPhone users are already able to set similar limits for Spotify playback by using their device’s built-in timer.

Within the native clock app, there is an option called “stop playing” that will automatically cease audio once a timer has stopped.


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