Sri Lanka extremists warned more attacks would follow in video 


The father and two brothers of the mastermind behind the Easter Sunday terror attack that killed 253 people in Sri Lanka promise more destruction would follow in a chilling video just before they killed themselves on Friday.

The trio had blown themselves up just as police launched a raid on their house in Sainthamaruthu, leaving 15 people dead – including six children.

“The disbelieving dogs have closed in on us. We pledge to teach a lesson to all those who are trying to destroy us. The right lesson. Very soon,” says one of the brothers in the video, Rilwan Hashim, who is seated on the floor, wearing a belt with explosives around his stomach.

A battle-scarred man who is blind in one eye with the fingers of his right hand missing bears close resemblance to Mohamed Zahran Hashim, who is believed to be the leader of the terror cell and one of the suicide bombers who carried out the attack on hotel Shangri La on Sunday.

Zainee Hashim, the younger brother of suspected ring leader Zahran, says his final words to the camera, holding an AK47 rifle in one hand, with a small child, identified as his son, seated on his lap: “The killings won’t stop here, even if we are destroyed…you can be sure you will meet more of these attacks in future.”


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