Stacey Abrams Nixes VP Spot: 'You Don't Run for Second'


Stacey Abrams, whose name has been mentioned as a potential running mate for Joe Biden should he enter the Democratic primary race, threw cold water on that idea, saying Wednesday she is “just as capable” of becoming president as anyone else running for the nomination.

The Georgia Democrat, who became national news during her failed bid in her state’s governor’s race, told “CBS This Morning” that she has held meetings with nearly everyone, including the former vice-president, but that talks about her being his running mate “were not the core issue.”

Later in the morning, Abrams told ABC’s “The View” that she is keeping her options open, and dismissed the reports she will be part of Biden’s ticket.

“I think you don’t run for second place,” she said. “‘If I’m going to enter a primary, then I’m going to enter a primary. And if I don’t enter the primary, my job is to make sure the best Democrat becomes the nominee and to make sure whoever we select gets elected president.”

Abrams told CBS she is “deeply appreciative” of people urging her to run for the White House or other offices, but she wants to be sure she is running “for the right reasons and at the right time.”

She had commented at the South By Southwest festival earlier this month that at one time she had considered 2028 to be the earliest time she would seek a presidential race, but later she tweeted “2020 is definitely on the table.”

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