Stacey Dooley accused of having a ‘white saviour complex’ after shooting Ugandan charity trip in designer clothes


STACEY Dooley has come under fire after shooting a Ugandan charity trip for Comic Relief.

The documentary-maker, 31, was accused of having a “white saviour complex” as she met with impoverished children wearing designer clothing.

Stacey Dooley has been accused of having a ‘white saviour complex’


The Strictly Come Dancing champion was also slammed for “using African children as accessories” as she wrote she was “obsessed” with the youngsters on Instagram.

Images of Stacey cuddling one of the children prompted fans to urge the star to meet up with activist group No White Saviors, who criticise the white saviour complex, during her time in the country.

One blasted: “Come on Stace I love your journalism but please check out @nowhitesaviors You have a responsibility to not perpetuate this narrative on your feed.”

Another of her followers wrote: “You should be using your platform to challenge the narrative not confirm it.

The journalist has been sharing photos from her trip to Uganda

Stacey sparked a backlash from fans and activist group No White Saviors

“Please do the right thing and take this image down.”

A third posted: “This is not ok. I hope you take this down, and if you do not understand why this is wrong please visit @nowhitesaviors. Educate yourself! Learn from this mistake and do better.”

And the negative stream of comments continued to flood her Instagram thick and fast, with a further writing: “Name that child…..oh wait, you probably can’t.

“African children aren’t here for your photo ops 🤚🏼.

The Strictly star is filming for Comic Relief

“Please take the time to visit @nowhitesaviors and learn why we must do better when working of volunteering abroad with communities that differ from our own. A child should never be used as an accessory for likes.”

The activist group also got in touch with Stacey, offering to meet with the star to discuss what was wrong with her approach.

They wrote: “We have invited you to meet – we are not cruel people, But when you come to our country and decide to perpetuate a certain narrative we really want to help you understand why this is harmful.”


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