Star Wars 9 shock: Is Han Rey's FATHER? Did he cheat on Leia? What the Force is going on?


Everybody was so fixated on Rey being a Skywalker or Kenobi. Yet, in The Force Awakens she bonded most of all with another legacy hero. Not only did Han appear positively paternal with her and even handed her his blaster, there was the glaring fact that Rey was instantly at home on the Millennium Falcon AND had an affinity for scavenger and smuggling. Like father, like… This handily ties in with the Star Wars love of disturbing long lost sibling flirtation ANF Daisy Ridley herself said she thought her parentage was obvious in Star Wars 7.

JJ Abrams has signalled he is going back to much of what he intended in Star Wars 9. Rian Johnson, meanwhile, has openly said he is perfectly happy if Abrams changes the directions he took the storylines in The Last Jedi.

Was Kylo Ren lying about Rey’s parents? Had he been deceived himself? Had Rey been left with those junk traders to conceal her true identity from everyone? Was that Han flying away from Rey as a little girl in the Force back vision?

A new rumour has sent fans into a frenzy and, finally, Pablo Hidalgo himself has entered the debate.

Nobody likes to think Han would cheat on Leia. However, they were no longer together in The Force Awakens.

Actress Carrie Fisher even referenced what might have happened at a fan event before she died. She told the crowd at the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo: “He wouldn’t take me on that hyperspace thing enough… [that’s a] euphemism. Not enough. You know, we’ve been together a while.

“He smuggled way too much. And girls, I know you don’t want your husband smuggling, do you? Hanging out with the hairy guy (Chewie) too often. I think there are a lot of problems with that.”

Fans have suggested Han and Qi’ra might have had a secret child together, possibly before he got together with Leia or behind her back later on, during long trips away.

The couple shared a childhood romance. It’s also suspicious that Rey’s original name was going to be Kira. Coincidence?

One fan finally asked Pablo Hidalgo, the man entrusted by Lucasfilm with keeping all Star wars continuity across movies, books and TV.

He replied: “That doesn’t fit with the timeline. Han and Leia were together up until about 5 years before TFA (The Force Awakens) when it all went to hell, and Rey is 19.”

There you have it. Definitively, Han is NOT Rey’s father.


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