Strawberries and cream goes vegan as Wimbledon offers variation for first time in its 142-year history


Mr Davies said his team took a “very forensic approach” to reviewing what works each year, looking at sales data as well as the wider market as they formulate each year’s menu.

“It’s important for us to stay relevant but equally to hold the tradition and heritage of the hero Wimbledon ingredients that are  at the very heart of what we do,” he added.

“We work for the 50 weeks before the championships to perfect our recipes.

“The vegan strawberries and cream is our biggest development this year and will impact the majority of people as it’s such an iconic dish.

“There are lots more people choosing to eat less meat so for us, the importance of having that choice, quality and great taste across all of our options is really important.”

The tradition of eating strawberries and cream at Wimbledon dates back to the very earliest incarnation of the championships, which coincided with the strawberry season at a time when afternoon tea was very much in vogue.

Although the season is now much longer due to modern growing methods, the dish has become synonymous with the event.

The Vegan Society said the decision to offer a vegan option reflected the rapid growth in veganism in the UK, which has quadrupled to 600,000 vegans, or 1.16 per cent of the population, in four years.

Spokeswoman Sam Calvert said: “The more prestigious events want to cater well and reflect the market and more and more people now prefer a plant-based alternative, some just for environmental or health reasons.” 

She said soya cream had a similar texture to single pouring cream.


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