Student creates website that ranks Wetherspoons drinks by highest alcohol content and lowest price


A THRIFTY student has built a website that ranks every Wetherspoons drink based on value for money by comparing alcohol content to the price.

Oxford University undergrad Jack Weatherilt built the tool to help his fellow classmates make their student loans stretch on a night out.

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Oxford University studen Jack built the online tool to help others get the best value for money[/caption] uses data from the Wetherspoons app to rank over 370 drinks by their alcohol-to-price ratio at each of the 900 branches in the UK.

Wetherspoons pubs are a popular watering hole among students thanks to its typically cheap menu.

The ‘Spoons regular told The Sun that he made the tool because he spent far too long at the bar working out which bevvie would get him the most bang for his buck.

Jack, 20, said: “I had to build the website with prices from ‘Spoons because it’s the next cheapest place for drinks if you’re not at the college bar.

SWNS:South West News Service

Users select their local from the drop down menu[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service

Jack hopes that the website will help others save money on nights out[/caption]

“And every time I go, my girlfriend and I are always trying to work out which drink is the best value, which ones are the cheapest compared to the alcohol content.

“It was when I went for a drink in a ‘Spoons before going to a gig in Camden that I realised it can be absurdly expensive if you don’t order the right drink.”

The computer science and philosophy student from Watford built the website in just five hours – two hours setting it all up and “far too long making it look pretty”.

The no-fuss, no-frills site asks users to select their local from the drop down menu before viewing how each drink ranks at that specific pub.

Rankings vary by branch, but Magners and Abbot Ale regularly come out on top for value, whereas Peach schnapps and vodka monster almost always come out as the worst.

How to find cheapest Wetherspoon prices

PRICES for the pub chain vary massively – we know, we did the research.

But there is some good news for fans of the boozer.

Download the Wetherspoon app to your phone and check prices at your locals before setting off.

That way you’re always guaranteed to find the cheapest menu.

And because the data comes from the Wetherspoons’ official app, only drinks in stock are ranked and it will automatically update whenever the deals or menu changes in a particular branch.

Unfortunately though, the website doesn’t include pitchers in the ranking because there is no information the drinks’ alcohol content on the app.

The website was set live a month ago but he’s only just sharing it among friends. So far, he’s only used it a handful times himself but hopes that it will save others cash in the long-run.

“I’ve used it a few times myself but I hope that others find it useful,” said Jack. “I might update the site to divide the drinks into categories like beer and cider.

“I might add some tasting notes but to be honest I want to remain fairly simple to use.”

Jack added: “Since I’m doing computer science, I’ve done some programming and website stuff which made it fairly simple to put the site together.

“I had to kind of take apart the Spoons app to see how it was getting the drinks data, and then imitate that process with my website to get all the data and calculate the value for each drink.”

The tool is useful for a night out but please remember to drink responsibly.

New guidelines advise men and women not to consume more than 14 units a week, spreading your drinking over three or more days if you regularly drink. For more information, visit

Some punters are using the Wetherspoons app to get free drinks from strangers.

We previously reported how one punter was bombarded with bizarre free drinks after his mate put out a Twitter appeal,including milk, Fruit Shoots and curry sauce.

Research by The Sun found that the chain charges customers up to £3 more for a burger and a pint depending on where you live and this is the most expensive branch.

In fact, we found that it prices very by up to 60 per cent at pubs that are just six minute walk apart.


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