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Sturgeon forced to admit she has no evidence Scots are following COVID-19 restrictions


Speaking at the daily briefing, Ms Sturgeon said: “I can’t check if everyone in Glasgow is abiding by the rule now that they shouldn’t have people from other households in their homes.

“But obviously we do some survey work.

“We try to assess people are aware of and abiding by restrictions.

“I think a majority of people are but this gets more complicated.

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“At the beginning of the year, when the advice was to stay at home that was relatively easy to understand.

“But now it’s a bit more complicated. You do this when you’re in place, you do this when you’re in another place.

“We try to simplify that as much as possible.” 

Meanwhile the latest statistics from the National Records of Scotland showed that up until Sunday September 6, there had been 4,231 deaths where coronavirus was either confirmed or suspected as a contributing factor.

“We can see from the level of cases in countries like Spain and France that the current increase in cases could very easily continue and could start to translate into serious illness and death, if we are not very careful.”

With schools having reopened, and colleges and universities about to start back, she said this was a necessary but “risky development”.

And with the latest review of lockdwon due to take place on Thursday, she warned this would likely take a “very cautious approach to any further changes”.

Ms Sturgeon added: “In fact we can’t rule out the need to make changes to the numbers of people allowed to gather together like those that were announced for England last night.

“We are carefully reviewing existing guidance and regulation, as well as considering what new steps may be necessary to keep Covid under control.”


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