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Sturgeon forced to apologise after she WALKED OUT of briefing leaving journalist stunned


The Scottish First Minister left the podium as Tom Eden the Press Association reporter attempted to quiz the politician. Afterward, Mr Eden tweeted: “Not saying that Nicola Sturgeon is scared of answering questions from PA but…”. He then posted a video showing the First Minister walking off as he was about to ask his question.

Ms Sturgeon tweeted a reply that said: “Sorry Tom Eden that was my fault.

“I accidentally missed you on the list.

“You can have two questions next time.”

The Scottish First Minister was answering questions on the easing of lockdown measures in Scotland.

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Ms Sturgeon warned the virus “is still out there”.

The lockdown easing was announced as the Scottish First Minister confirmed the country was ready to introduce the first phase of its four-phase “route map” towards reopening society while attempting to suppress the virus.

Scotland has been in lockdown since 23 March, and did not make major changes to restrictions when they were announced for England earlier this month.

Ms Sturgeon said there had now been a “sustained and unmistakable” downward trend in the spread of the virus over a number of weeks, meaning changes could now be made.
need to get the balance right”.

But she warned that “we have limited room for manoeuvre and need to get the balance right”.


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