Supermarket fridges should be closed, campaigners say as it emerges they use up 1 per cent of all UK's electricity 


“Apparently this could inhibit shoppers though? Dunno about you but think I’d still get my Ben and Jerry’s.

“In France, supermarkets have signed up to a voluntary agreement to put doors on three-quarters of their 450 miles of fridge aisles by 2020.

“So why is no one else taking action?”

Her brother, 28, told the Mail on Sunday: “I happened to be in a restaurant and they had given me a plastic knife and fork, so I was in an environmentally conscious mood. In the corner of my eye I saw a fridge and it was open, and I just thought that couldn’t be very environmentally friendly.

“I think people are very happy to sacrifice convenience for the environment and that is the same with plastic as well.”

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said in a statement: “The Government is taking action to improve product energy efficiency. Our minimum performance standards remove inefficient products from the market, and labelling raises awareness of the best ones.

“Minimum energy performance standards, otherwise known as Ecodesign regulations, are technology neutral so do not prescribe that manufacturers should increase efficiency by putting doors on appliances.

“Rather they set a minimum energy efficiency limit that all manufacturers placing products on the market must meet.


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