Surgery addict Katie Price, 40 risks leaving her kids motherless by having dangerous ‘conjunctive ops’, claim doctors


WHEN Katie Price emerged from having a face lift, liposuction and Brazilian butt lift surgery all in one day last week, the photos of her staggering through the Turkish clinic corridors resembled something out of a horror film.

Carrying two drains filled with blood and fluid the 40-year-old looked bruised, exhausted and a million miles away from the glamorous model who was at the height of her fame this time ten years ago.

Katie post-surgery last week in Turkey

But now, leading cosmetic surgeons are calling for the mum-of-five to finally stop the surgery before it’s too late.

“Having several procedures at once, like Katie has done time and time again, puts a massive physical and physiological strain on the body,” Cosmetic doctor, Dr Tijion Esho explains to Fabulous Digital.

“Multiple surgeries – like having a face lift, liposuction AND a Brazilian butt lift – prolongs the length of the procedure and, therefore, the time that the patient is under general anaesthetic.

“The longer Katie’s under, the higher the risk is of heart attack, stroke and blood clots in the lungs, which if proved to be fatal would leave her five kids motherless” he says.

Katie’s been branded ‘the Bride of Wildenstein’ by fans who’ve begged her to stop the surgery
Katie is said to be already regretting her Brazilian butt lift because she’s in so much pain

But that’s not all Katie is risking in her quest for ‘perfection’.

“There’s also the potential for scarring as well as bleeding and infection, especially as Katie has had several procedures prior,” Dr Esho continues.

“Each added procedure also increases the amount of swelling and fluid build-up in cavities or tissue of the body.”

Katie’s latest cosmetic enhancements follow nine boob jobs, 11 corrective procedures, a nose job, another face lift, corrective face lifts, 11 non-surgical bum lifts as well as Botox, face and lip filler and a full set of veneer teeth.

The longer patients are under, the higher the risk is of heart attack, stroke and blood clots in the lungs

Dr Esho

But Dr Esho explains that it’s the Brazilian butt lift that’s really putting her in danger.

“The Brazilian butt lift is now been called to be banned in the UK because of the number of fatalities abroad,” he says.

“There’s also a rise in patients suffering from fat embolus (fatty tissue build-up, which can get into the blood and end up in the heart and lungs and cause death) on this type of surgery and Katie would have been at great risk of this.

“To make matters worse, the reduction in mobility post-op will also put her at increase risk of deep vein thrombosis,” he warns.

Rex Features

Katie’s risking leaving her kids, including Princess, 11, and Junior, 13, motherless[/caption]

Another leading cosmetic surgeon Mark Ho-Asjoe also agrees, saying Katie’s latest surgeries are ‘ridiculous’ and is risking her life each time she goes under.

“If you have conjunctive surgery, then you are about 22 per cent more at risk from complications because your body needs energy to heal and your energy is being diverted to two parts of the body,” he explains to Closer.

“Add to that a third operation and Katie will be at about 50 per cent more risk of complications.”

Katie with Bunny, 4 and Jett, 5
Social Media – Refer to Source

Katie has previously hinted she addicted to surgery and won’t ever stop.

“My views on plastic surgery are the same as they have always been: Do what you feel is right for you. I wouldn’t rule out any treatment if it felt right and I thought I needed it.

“I hope when I’m 90 you’ll only be able to tell my real age by my knees and feet,” she said in the past.

But if she continues like this, will she even reach 90-years-old and see kids – Harvey, 16, Junior, 13, Princess, 11, Jett, five, and four-year-old Bunny – grow up?

Katie at her height of fame in 2004 with ex husband Peter Andre
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Worryingly, on an episode of her reality show Katie and Pete: The Next Chapter – which aired in 2007 – she also told doctors how much she enjoyed being put under anaesthetic.

“My concern is that no amount of surgery will ever make Katie happy,” Dr Esho continues.

“Many times when patients have several repeated surgeries like this they is an underlying psychologically issue and the patient needs counselling and support rather than further surgery as they will never be happy and Katie is a prime example of this.

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Dr Esho warns against surgeries abroad and their aftercare[/caption]

“What’s more, she’s promoting surgery abroad and people need to know the risks.

“It’s more and more common due to clinics offering much lower prices compared to the UK, but with the reduced price can come increase risks with many clinics not undertaking proper pre and post-surgical checks to ensure the patients safety is optimised,” he warns.

“Finally, a lack of follow up is a huge concern as complications that happen post-treatment are left for the patient to try and seek help on the NHS on their return to the UK.”

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