Suspect with ‘God Bless’ tattoo wanted after NYD London nightclub shooting


The shooting happened at Visions in Hackney in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Cops have now released an image of a suspect wanted in connection with the incident that injured a woman, 28, who was struck by a bullet in the leg.

She is still receiving treatment eight months after the shooting, after being rushed to hospital.

The gun was fired during a struggle, but police say it could have been fatal.

The suspect is described as black, aged around 30 and with the tattoo on the right side of his neck.

“This man went armed and discharged a firearm in a crowded club”


Met Police Detective Constable Kerry Cooper said: “This man went armed and discharged a firearm in a crowded club.

“As a result of his recklessness an innocent woman was shot in the leg, but the consequences could have been fatal.”

She added: “We urgently want to arrest this man and take this weapon off the streets.

“Anyone with information should not hesitate, but call police immediately.”


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