Talking Tech: The future of our smartwatches and other wearables

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Remember when smartwatches were just the super-futuristic device that made us feel like spies on TV because we could talk to our wrists?

As a former owner of a Pebble, I’ve always been fascinated by wearables. The idea of having something readily available to check a message or a notification, and even call a friend, without spending all that time glaring at a smartphone screen was tempting.

Fast forward to today and our smartwatches, fitness trackers and other tech designed to wear can do so much more. As we live during the pandemic, it’s possible your smartwatch could detect whether you might be contracting COVID-19.

Meanwhile, you could soon use your internal body temperature to power your wearable. One less thing to plug to the outlet, thank goodness.

Let’s dig in to what else happened in tech:

Other tech news this week

• Australia is weighing a law that would require social media companies to pay news outlets for content. What did Facebook do? It removed all news from its platform.

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