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Teacher calls 911 after man breaks into home while students are on Zoom

A stranger broke into a California home while two students were logged into Zoom for class, prompting their teacher to call 911, authorities said.

Jennifer Petersen, who teaches German in the town of Galt, noticed something was amiss when two of her students didn’t immediately sign off when the virtual lesson ended on Thursday, news station KOVR reported.

“I was just watching their faces and I can see their faces go from concern to panic,” Petersen told the outlet.

The teen siblings began yelling out for help as a stranger ran through the home before jumping out the back door, the outlet reported.

“They kept saying ‘help us, help us,’ and [were] calling out to me,” Petersen said.

Petersen said she called 911 and stayed on the Zoom call until help arrived at the home.

Police said the intruder — who was identified as Louis Dulay, 55 — jumped their fence into a neighbor’s yard, CBS13 reported.

Another caller reported that he was in their garage and claimed that he was being chased by people with rifles.

Officers arrived to find Dulay hiding behind a couch, the outlet reported.

He was booked into Sacramento County Jail on charges that include burglary, child endangerment, loitering and tampering with a vehicle, the outlet reported.

The students’ mother, Reyna Luna — who was not home at the time of the bizarre incident — praised the teacher for her quick-thinking during the alleged break-in.

“Thank You Mrs. Peterson for staying logged in to help my kids by calling 911 and for giving them the protection and comfort that they needed at that moment even though you were miles away,” Luna wrote on Facebook.

Friday’s incident hasn’t been the only one caught on camera during remote-learning sessions.

A Chicago school notified police last week after a man sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl in front of a teacher during a virtual class.

Then, a Florida mother was shot dead in front of her 10-year-old daughter as the girl was taking a Zoom class in August.


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