Terrifying new horror blockbuster Midsommar is making male viewers scared of sunlight


BLOKES who watched the new horror hit Midsommar are saying the sun-soaked blockbuster has left them terrified of daylight.

Reviewers and film buffs have warned the disturbing flick’s sunny setting is truly haunting.

Midsommar is already being hailed as the horror movie of the year and has made men scared of sunshine
Set in broad daylight, the film sees tourists are dragged into gory rituals by a cult

The “deeply unsettling” and “ferocious” film will hit UK cinema screens next Friday, but is already being hailed the horror movie of the year.

It tells the tale of a group of pals as they embark on a road trip through Sweden and stumble upon a cult-like festival in a remote village.

Locals encourage the unwitting tourists to join the festivities, which take pace during the day amid glorious sunshine.

But it isn’t long before they realise they’ve been dragged into a deranged day of nightmarish rituals.


Many male viewers who saw the film in the US have described their new found fear of daylight.

Brit actor Will Poulter, who plays Mark in the movie, admitted it took him days to adjust after watching it for the first time.

He told WWD: “After Midsommar, I feel a little bit scared of sunlight and being out amongst nature during the day.

“Which is really screwed up; to make people scared of that is some feat.”

The 26-year-old Bandersnatch star added: “I had a relatively OK night’s sleep last night, but the night after watching the film was less peaceful.”

I know tomorrow as soon as I see an old person smile at me in broad daylight I’m going to lose my s***.

Blaine Gibson, Writer and Director

Reviewers were also left disturbed and afraid of sunshine following screenings.

Blaine Gibson tweeted: “Midsommar is a pretty screwy horror movie.

“Like right now it’s dark in my apartment and I’m good, but I know tomorrow as soon as I see an old person smile at me in broad daylight I’m going to lose my s***.”

IGN host Brian Altano praised Midsommar’s director for creating one of the “most deeply unsettling & consistently deranged films I’ve ever seen” following the success of his other horror film Hereditary.

Altano added: “I was absolutely mesmerized by it. It takes the tone of Hereditary and drags it into the sunlight.

Whoever said horror films in broad daylight can’t be scary appears to be an idiot.

Vashi Nedomansky, Editor

“A must see if you love horror.”

Other blokes described it as a “brutish, nasty daylight nightmare” and said watching it is like “doing magic mushrooms, sitting back and letting the universe present itself in all its weird & ferocious ways”.

Movie editor Vashi Nedomansky warned: “Whoever said horror films in broad daylight can’t be scary appears to be an idiot.”

Visionary Ari Aster worked as the movie’s director and writer.


He’s an American filmmaker, landing his big break in 2018 with the release of his previous motion picture titled Hereditary.

It starred notable names such as Toni Collette and Alex Wolff and grossed an incredible $79.3 million at the worldwide box office.

Given the success of Hereditary, there definitely seemed to be a lot of pressure for Ari to produce another project filled with originality and authenticity.

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British star Will Poulter said the movie gave him sleepless nights and made him scared of sunshine[/caption]

Blaine Gibson, a writer and director, says he prefers dark rooms after viewing the flick
Movie editor Vashi Nedomansky was also scared by the daylight scenes
IGN host Brian Altano said dragging horror ‘into the sunlight’ was deeply disturbing
Another bloke claimed the movie made him cry
Erik Davis described it as a ferocious viewing experience
Matt Negila thought the daylight setting made it unnerving
Actors Vilhelm Blomgren, Florence Pugh, director Ari Aster, actors Jack Reynor and Will Poulter
Getty – Contributor
The gang of tourists witness some bizarre and bloody rituals
The movie is not for the faint-hearted but has already been hailed as the horror movie of the year
Dani, played by Florence Pugh, is seen running for her life in the trailer

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