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Tesco issues important shopping advice to customers as Christmas countdown begins

Christmas is likely to be very different for all this year, with celebrations smaller and more people ordering their food shop online. Supermarket giant Tesco has urged its shoppers to start thinking about the big day early in order to ensure they have everything they want and need to make Christmas special. The retailer is also continuing its dedicated shopping hours for vulnerable customers as well as ensuring NHS staff have priority access to do their grocery shop. 

The message also addressed the supermarkets coronavirus safety rules it has in place to protect its staff and customers.

Tesco is also urging customers to shop alone because it’ll help make the stores safer and make everyone’s shop faster as there won’t be a need for long queues outside. 

Once in-store, shoppers need to keep to the social distancing markings which are placed around the store floors. 

In order to help manage the flow of customers in and out of its supermarkets, Tesco has also introduced a traffic light system at the front of its stores.

Tarry added: “If you forget to bring one, you can pick up a pack at the front of the store and pay for it with your shopping later.”

To help vulnerable customers, the Tesco boss advised people to shop in-store to help keep the delivery slots free for anyone who may need them. 

The supermarket is also continuing its dedicated hours for vulnerable customers and they’re giving NHS workers priority access into its stores. 

For those who want to save money on their Christmas shop, Tesco has recently launched its Clubcard sale which sees price cuts across a huge variety of products.

The savings can be made across favourite brands including popular ice cream Carte D’Or, Birds Eye and McCain.

When you shop in-store, products included in the campaign will be marked with a promotional label so you can be sure to get the best deals.

Online, all items included in the sale will be highlighted in a box displaying the before and after price.

All customers need to do is scan their Clubcard or Clubcard fob at the checkout for the money to come off of their final bill. 


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