Tesco now does vegan sausage rolls – and they’re tastier, cheaper and bigger than Greggs


SHOPPERS can now get their hands on a vegan sausage roll from Tesco and we reckon even Piers Morgan would like it.

The supermarket has thrown down the gauntlet in a bid to tempt customers away from Greggs, which launched its meat-free roll in January.

Two Tesco vegan sausage rolls
Tesco is taking on Greggs by launching a vegan sausage roll
Tesco’s version is cheaper, bigger and tastier than Greggs’

At the time, TV presenter and journalist Piers Morgan blasted Greggs as being “PC-ravaged clowns”, saying “nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage”.

He then proclaimed that Greggs’ vegan sausage roll “absolutely stinks and tastes disgusting” before spitting it out into a bin under his desk when trying it on live TV.

But perhaps he’ll be more enamoured by Tesco’s version, which sees flaky puff pastry wrapped around a soya-based Lincolnshire style sausage, seasoned with sage and onion.

There’s no meat or dairy in the tasty treat’s pastry or filling making it perfect for vegans and veggies alike.

Greggs are launching a vegan sausage roll in stores tomorrow
Piers Morgan hated Greggs’ vegan sausage roll, which is made of Quorn

Plus, it costs just 75p for a 120g portion, which is bigger AND cheaper than Gregg’s.

In comparison, the bakery chain’s vegan sausage roll, which has a Quorn filling, costs 25p more at £1 and comes in at 19g less at 101g.

Here at The Sun, we thought Tesco’s sausage roll was delicious, and the majority of the team thought it was even better than Greggs’ which we also enjoyed scoffing down.

Our only complaint with Tesco’s is that there is a bit too much pastry for the amount of sausage – it either needs more sausage or less pastry to even things out.

But for those counting calories, Tesco’s does contain a handful more at 319 compared to Greggs’ 311.

What's in Tesco's vegan sausage roll?

HERE'S a full list of ingredients for Tesco's vegan sausage rolls:

Water, Wheat Flour [Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin], Reconstituted Soya Protein (13%) [Soya Bean, Water], Palm Oil, Reconstituted Wheat Protein (5%) [Wheat Gluten, Water, Wheat Starch, Preservative (Sodium Metabisulphite)], Onion, Rapeseed Oil, Pea Protein, Wheat Gluten, Yeast Extract, Salt, Maltodextrin, Stabiliser (Methyl Cellulose), Dextrose, Flavour Enhancer (Potassium Chloride), Black Pepper, Sage, Sugar, Thyme, White Pepper, Mace, Flavouring, Sunflower Oil, Paprika Extract, Capsicum Extract, Colour (Beta-Carotene).

You can also only buy Tesco’s vegan sausage rolls is stores with a bakery, which is 624 of its 3,400 plus UK stores.

Use Tesco’s store locator tool to find your nearest.

Greggs declined to comment on this story when The Sun asked.


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