The Batman: Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult BOTH screen testing to replace Ben Affleck


Earlier this month film industry outlets reported that Pattinson was the “top choice” to replace Ben Affleck as Batman. However, a deal is allegedly yet to be done, with Hoult having been named as the other big contender. Now  The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez reports that both actors are being screen tested by Warner Bros for Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman solo movie. He tweeted: “BATMAN UPDATE: Robert Pattinson & Nicholas Hoult are screen testing for the role.”

Perhaps the plan is for those two incarnations will crossover in a future movie.

As for who Pattinson or Hoult will face in their Batman movie, The Hollywood Reporter says The Penguin and Catwoman will be back.

While around half-a-dozen villains will feature in the upcoming comic book movie.

The last time The Penguin and Catwoman shared the big screen was in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns.


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