The bizarre rules Carrie Symonds must follow at No.10 – including NEVER leaving the house alone


BORIS Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds moved into the flat above Number 11 Downing Street earlier this week.

And the move is sure to prove a big change for former PR guru Carrie who will have to abide by certain rules while living at the famous address.

Carrie Symonds moved to Downing Street with Boris Johnson on Monday

The Spectator published a piece about what Carrie could learn from former UK First Lady Cherie Blair who lived at No10 for a decade, and exposed the bizarre regulations she had to follow.

She can’t leave the house alone

Firstly BoJo’s girlfriend will not be able to leave the house unaccompanied and expected an entourage wherever she goes.

The Spectator reports: “Cherie was shocked to learn that she couldn’t leave Number 10 without informing her close protection officers.

“They accompanied her everywhere, even to the chemist.”

Cherie Blair, who lived at No10 with husband Tony for a decade, was shocked to discover she couldn’t leave the house alone
PA:Press Association

According to the publication Cherie once staged an escape out of the back entrance and her security team received a severe dressing down.  A mistake Cherie did not repeat.

She won’t be driving anywhere either

Spouses, or in this case, partner’s of the PM are banned from driving their own car according to The Spectator.

If they wish to go for a spin it will have to be done so with the company of a chauffeur in one of Downing Street’s official cars.

Buy British

When it comes to good press, something that experienced PR worker Carrie ought to know a lot about, she ought to shop locally particularly when it comes to her clothing choices.

Boris is expected to be invited to the Queen’s summer home of Balmoral but Carrie wont be able to stay as they are unmarried
Getty – Contributor

If she doesn’t she could be accused of “declaring war on UK fashion.”

This is something that Carrie has thus far succeeded in having opted for London-based brand Ghost to watch Boris take office.

Selfies are suspended

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Carrie’s new digs on her Twitter account are likely to be disappointed.

Photos taken inside No10 are to be taken in an official capacity according to photographer David Katz.

He explains: “You have to be invited to take an official picture – You know there will be an official picture taken on the inside which will be handed out but unless you are invited in to take this picture you will feel a sense of disappointment.”

Carrie is unlikely to be snapping selfies at No10

She won’t be kipping at the Queen’s

The Prime Minister and their partner is traditionally invited to stay at the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland in August.

A Downing Street source told the Mail On Sunday a final decision had not been made, but the possibility has not been ruled out either.

However, if Carrie does received an invite it is unlikely that it will extend to an overnight invitation.

According to the Express only married couples can stay overnight in one of the monarch’s official residencies.

This of course could change if Boris pops the question, however, as his divorce to his second wife Marina Wheeler is yet to be finalised, that could be a way off.

Carrie and Boris Johnson moved into their new home on Monday with a Government spokesperson confirming that the couple will take the space above No11.

The new PM decided to take the four-bedroom apartment as his new home last week.

A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister said:”The PM is officially moving in today and, yes, his partner will be living there.”

Yesterday we told you how Carrie had turned to former First Lady Samantha Cameron for advice on life at No10.

And we revealed that the Ghost dress she wore to see BoJo take office is being flogged for double the price on eBay.


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