The Chase viewers gobsmacked as they learn green gummy bears are strawberry flavour


THE Chase viewers were left gobsmacked this evening when they discovered that green gummy bears are strawberry flavour.

During the show a contestant was quizzed about the flavour as she went up against Mark “The Beast” Labbett – and fans couldn’t get over the answer.

The contestant was shocked to discover that green gummy bears are strawberry flavour

Camille was asked: “What flavour are the green gummy bears in a regular pack of Haribo Starmix?”

She was presented with the answers apple, lemon, or strawberry and she seemed pretty certain on the answer.

“It’s got to be, green apple, come on,” she said.

Mark also guessed it was apple and was shocked when he discovered it wasn’t, saying: “In my pre-diabetic days I would have nailed that in a heartbeat,”

Camille added: “That’s a turn up for the books.”

The Beast was also surprised by the answer

Those watching at home couldn’t believe it and took to Twitter to discuss the shocking news.

One person wrote: “The green gummy bears in @OfficialHARIBO are strawberry????!!!! had no idea! I shall have to buy 3 packets and test this #TheChase.”

Another commented: “Green gummy bears are Strawberry flavoured?? What?! #thechase #wtaf.”

While someone else wrote: “I didn’t know that the green gummy bears in the haribo mix tasted of strawberry!You learn something new every day #TheChase.”

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