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The Cube start time: What time does The Cube start tonight and what channel is it on?

Quiz show The Cube – or The Million Pound Cube – made a return to screens recently. The show hosted by This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield sees contestants tested for the chance to win a big cash prize. Express.co.uk has the lowdown on the new series and how you can watch it.

What time does The Cube start tonight?

The Cube will be airing on ITV tonight (Monday, October 19) at 9pm.

ITV has announced the show has been stripped across this week, which means viewers will be getting brand-new episodes all this week.

Audiences were treated to a celebrity special over the weekend featuring comedian Mo Gilligan and his friend and actor David Ajao as well as Jason Manford and his brother Stephen.

During the week, however, the show will see members of the public going head to head on The Cube to win big.

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The series will wrap up with another celebrity special on Saturday (October 24) featuring documentarian Stacey Dooley and her boyfriend and former Strictly Come Dancing professional Kevin Clifton.

The Cube sees two teams battling to win a huge cash prize as they complete tasks against the clock inside a giant Perspex box.

With each challenge they complete, they will get closer to the coveted amount, but it will require them to have nerves of steel.

The tasks may seem quite simple like throwing a ball into a container, but contestants shouldn’t be fooled they are harder than they look.

“I knew technically it was going to look amazing, which it does, but what I didn’t realise was how different a dynamic it was going to be with the changes that we’d made.”

He went on to say: “You make changes to a show, as well as the huge new Million Pound prize it’s now two players, and you wonder, ‘Why didn’t we always do it like this?’

“Playing The Million Pound Cube could be mother, daughter, brothers, sisters, father son, father, daughter, it can be any combination because we were looking for people who were in their own bubbles.”

Phillip teased plenty of drama in the new series with some teammates ending up in rows while others supported each other.

The Cube has been filmed during the coronavirus pandemic and as such there was no studio audience.

Phillip said about shooting without a crowd in the studio: “An audience is great but you’ve always got people coughing, you’ve always people rustling crisps packets, you’ve always got someone who sneezes at an inopportune moment.

“You’ve also got members of the audience who can’t help themselves from helping, or an audience will take a sharp intake of breath when someone’s nearly completed a game, and you think ‘oh no that’s helping them.’

“This time during filming it was silent. However, when the show goes out it won’t be silent because the team will include the most incredible tension music.”

He revealed the crew was also hidden away and so both Phillip and the contestants seemed to be the only ones there.

The Cube airs on ITV all this week at 9pm


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