The Jeremy Kyle Show guests who look exactly like celebrities


WITH their tombstone teeth and marker-pen eyebrows, you might think the guests of The Jeremy Kyle Show were a world away from the celebrity A-list.

But today The Sun Online can reveal it’s time to think again – because many of Jezza’s finest are dead ringers for celebs.

We are running down the Kyle guests who astonished viewers when they appeared on the ITV daytime hit.

From lookalikes of Gemma Collins and Cher Lloyd to Mark Wright and Justin Timberlake, countless doppelgangers have stormed onto the set.

Perhaps it’s time to call in 53-year-old Jezza’s famous DNA test…



Denon looked like an agitated version of Brian McFadden when he popped in for a paternity test in January

You ain’t ever gonna get this… DNA test

When Lucy appeared in 2016, every viewer chimed in unison: ‘It’s Gemma Collins.’

Does my face look bovvered? Yes, actually

Unimpressed Gemma was a dead ringer for Catherine Tate’s schoolgirl Lauren Cooper in 2016

A case of the Trotts

Viewers thought this guest looked just like EastEnders’ Heather Trott

Stay Another Day(time telly)

With his permanent headgear and hint of a beard, this bloke looks like East 17’s Brian Harvey

It’s good to Cher

This guest appears to have taken style inspiration from The X Factor’s Cher Lloyd

Lady Gah! Gah!

This glam lady was instantly compared to Lady Gaga during her turn on the famous Kyle furniture

The One With The Glamorous Guest

Guest Zoe was delighted to be compared to Jennifer Aniston – but less glad to learn her husband was cheating

The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch’s master of disguise Sherlock Holmes appears to be so deep undercover he’s appearing as a Kyle guest

Big bother

This unhappy man looked just like Coronation Street and Big Brother star Ryan Thomas

Cry me a river

Josh was compared to an oxygen-starved version of the late-90s Justin Timberlake

Now that’s Incredible

Self-confessed ‘gangster’ Samantha was a dead ringer for The Incredibles’ costume designer Edna Mode this week

The Only Way Is

This Kyle guest looked like he was trying to steal Amy Childs’ look – she needs to work on that pout, though!

The towie twins

Cappuccino-haired Lewis had £160 stolen from him – and if that wasn’t bad enough, he was also compared to Joey Essex

The unreal Beale

Grant came on the show for a paternity test – and got branded ‘Ian Beale’ back in 2015

You look Wellard

This tough guy looked a lot like Dean Gaffney, who is famous for playing Robbie Jackson in EastEnders

You know nothing, Jeremy Kyle

Sam was told he looked like Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington, when he came for a DNA test

You look a Lottie like Mossy

This beautiful guest is a dead ringer for Lottie Moss

Lady Scary

Michelle Dockery, who plays Downtown Abbey’s Lady Mary Crawley, may not love this comparison

Let the Jeremy see the Kyle

This cheeky chappie looks exactly like a younger version of Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness

It’s good to be Green

This chap looks a lot like rapper Professor Green – well, minus one or two teeth

Consternation Street

This Jeremy Kyle guest looks very concerned – perhaps she’s worried she hasn’t totally nailed her Michelle Keegan impression

Use the force, Lee

Poor Lee didn’t just find out his girlfriend was cheating – he also got branded a ‘Poundland Ewan McGregor’.

Myles a head

This lad looked very much like Kady McDermott’s Towie boyfriend Myles Barnett

That’s not Wright

And finally, here’s a guest looking like Mark Wright – minus the Hollywood smile, of course

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