The Queen shows support for Duke of York amid Jeffrey Epstein scandal


According to standard practice inmates taken off suicide watch should have a cellmate.

But Epstein’s cellmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, a former police officer charged with murder, was transferred, leaving Epstein alone in the cell.

Donald Trump fueled conspiracy theories, suggesting that Bill Clinton had been to Epstein’s “paedophile island,” which Mr Clinton has denied.

The US president also retweeted a follower who wrote: “Jeffrey Epstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead. Retweet if you’re not Surprised.”

A Clinton spokesman said: “Ridiculous, and of course not true – and Donald Trump knows it.”

Rudi Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, said: “Who was watching? What does camera show?… Follow the motives.” 

Mike Fisten, a private investigator who worked for years with Epstein’s alleged victims, said: “There’s a great case against the co-conspirators that helped Jeffrey out.

“I’m talking about the people who were bringing the girls to Jeffrey, the pimps, those are the people they’re going to go after. I don’t think Jeffrey being alive or dead is going to impact that much.” 

The Palace was approached for comment.


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