The rare coins in your pocket or change jar that could be worth a lot more than you think


CHECK your wallets, purses, coin jars, the kids’ piggy banks and down the back of the sofa – in case you have a 50p that is worth nearly £400.

The rarest 10p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins have been named by collecting site Change Checker, and we’ve highlighted some for you, with their potential sale values on internet auction sites.

Your old coins could fetch up to £400 on online auction sites

50p Kew Gardens (£385) – Launched in 2009 to celebrate 250 years since London’s Kew Gardens opened its gates. Only 210,000 were minted. The Royal Mint reissued the coins last year but only the older ones go for the big amounts.

50p Olympic football (£41) – The second rarest 50p. One of the most talked about for its design explaining the off-side rule.

£2 Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland (£78) – Features the Commonwealth Games and the flag of Northern Ireland. 485,500 entered circulation and Change Checker found it is currently the most sought after £2 coin.

£2 Commonwealth Games England (£31) – The English version is also rare. It’s almost identical to the NI version, the only difference being a very small “Red Hand of Ulster” on the Northern Irish flag.

In total, 650,500 coins entered circulation.

10p Zebra crossing (£2.38) – The Royal Mint released 26 10p coins featuring the letters A-Z. The Z version — with an image of a zebra crossing — is the rarest.

One sold for £2.38 on eBay, almost 24 times its original value.
10p Yeoman warder (£2.35) – The Y coin features a Yeoman Warder. They are the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London, better known as Beefeaters, and are responsible for safeguarding the Crown Jewels.


ADELE BROWN, 40, is a single mum who wants to save more. She says: “I need to make the most of my money.”
Adele works as a nanny, earning £34,000 a year. She lives in Hadfield, Derbys, with kids Jasmine, ten, and eight-year-old Freya.

Paul Tonge – The Sun

Adele Brown from Derbyshire is a single mum currently having her house renovated with her savings[/caption]

She has already worked hard to save towards renovating her house. Adele says: “This was funded by savings and remortgaging.”

The total cost amounts to about £55,000.

Adele has found alternative ways to put away more money each month, such as the Plum app.

She explains: “This puts away small amounts that it thinks you can afford from your account, depending on your spending.” Adele currently has around £4,000 with Plum but admits she used to be scared of saving.

I used to only save £10 a month in fear I couldn’t afford any more and I would end up overdrawn

She says: “I used to only save £10 a month in fear I couldn’t afford any more and I would end up overdrawn.”

She paid £125,000 for a three-bed house eight years ago, which is worth around £180,000 now.

On her house renovations, Adele says: “I’m in the process of doing more work. This includes putting in a two-storey front extension and landscaping the garden, along-side a garage conversion into an office, utility room and downstairs toilet.”

She pays £650 a month for a £151,000, 30-year repayment mortgage with Skipton Building Society. This is on a five-year fix at 2.58 per cent.

ANSWER from: Andrew Hagger, finance expert at

ADELE is making a wise long-term move improving her home. But it may be hard for her to get back on track with savings until the renovations are finished.

Once the work is complete, I recommend she takes a fresh look at what goes out of her account each month. Look at each payment in turn and ask: Do I still need this and can I get it cheaper elsewhere?

Look at each payment in turn and ask: Do I still need this and can I get it cheaper elsewhere?

Switching energy, broadband and insurance companies can lead to substantial savings but don’t simply rely on comparison websites. Some of the most competitive providers, such as Direct Line, are not included.

Drawing up a meal plan for the week may sound a bit of a chore but it is a good way to trim the weekly supermarket bill.

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