The ‘Ride-Along’ sex position puts the woman in the driving seat and promises a fiery climax


IF you like to have all the power in the bedroom then the Ride-Along position will be right up your street – as it puts women firmly in the driving seat.

Any sexual antics with the woman on top usually puts her in control, but the Ride-Along shifts things up a gear.

This position adds a new twist to going on top

Website explains how this pose is easy to master, but promises thrilling rewards.

They said: “All power is in the hands of women and the frantic pace brings a couple to fiery climax.”

To master the move, get your man to lie down and get comfortable.

You then crouch on top of him on your haunches, allowing you to use your legs and hips to control speed and penetration.

If you like having control in the bedroom, this position is for you
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The website added: “The man lays his head on the pillow and stretches his legs in front of him; the woman rides the penis, staying on her haunches.

“For greater balance, she puts hands on the man’s chest, making some support.”

His hands can also support you, or they can roam free to increase the pleasure.

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