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The vegetable gel to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth at home

Hair loss can be a natural part of the ageing process, and most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about. We can even lose up to 100 hairs on our bodies every day, without even noticing. But you could prolong the life of your locks by regularly using garlic gel, it’s been revealed.

Losing your hair could be caused by a number of different conditions, said the NHS.

Stress, weight loss, or even an iron deficiency can lead to some form of hair loss.

But there are some home treatments you can use that might help to prevent some types of hair loss, including alopecia.

One of the easiest ways to stimulate hair growth at home is to simply use garlic gel on your scalp, it’s been claimed.

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“Garlic [Allium sativum] belongs to the Allium genus along with onions, scallions, shallots, leeks, and chives,” it said.

“These plants produce organosulfur compounds, which have antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.”

Medical website Healthline added: “Used topically or as a part of your diet, garlic has properties that may help with hair growth, but more research is needed.

“As with other natural remedies, there are risks to consider when using garlic on your hair or any other part of your body. This is especially true for people with sensitive skin.”


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