Theresa May urges other countries to step forward as she unveils £1.4bn in fight against killer diseases


“This is something we have been discussing for many, many months and it is critical we go into the replenishment with Britain taking the lead,” he said.

Mr Stewart said that fighting the three diseases was a moral issue. 

“These diseases kill an enormous number of people and it’s impossible to exaggerate how horrifying they are. A child is still dying from malaria every two minutes and every day about a thousand adolescent girls in Africa are getting HIV. We’re talking about diseases that kill about 2.5 million people every year,” he said.

He added: “This investment will prevent the spread of these diseases, particularly TB and HIV. Getting on top of the epidemics is also about making sure we treat people and reduce the chance of transmission.” 

Since the Global Fund was established in 2002, the UK has been the third biggest donor overall and in the last funding round it made the second biggest contribution after the United States, which traditionally provides around a third of the total budget. 

The Global Fund claims to have saved 27 million lives since it was established – although these figures have been questioned by researchers – but experts warn that the fight against the three diseases has slowed down in recent years. This is due to shortfalls in funding as well as increasing insecticide and drug resistance.


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