These are the best used estate cars for sale right now


But the estate market is not dead in any shape or form and still offer good legroom, versatility and often larger boot spaces compared to their rougher rivals. Last week, data from the FLA showed the used car market had soared with a seven per cent increase on cars purchased on finance. Businesses are also seeing the value of the used market, with company purchases of used cars on finance up a total of 12 per cent. With Brexit uncertainty stalling the new car market and used vehicles making a resurgent comeback, estates seem to be back on the radar.

Looking for an old classic? AA Cars James Fairclough exclusively joins to advise motorists on which used estate cars should be top of your wishlist.

Skoda Superb Estate

Offering an affordable, practical and comfortable space for families, Skoda’s flagship Superb model is one of the best value options on the market. Prices start around the £17,000 mark but nearly new models can also be found for an extra cost.

Volkswagen Golf Estate

The estate version of this classic hatchback offers drivers extra space and practicality. With an average selling price of £11,519, families could be willing to snap up this offer for one of the most popular car models in the UK.

Mr Fairclough says: “It blends Volkswagen’s legendary build quality with impressive refinement and reliability, and with 605 litres of space in the boot, it offers a lot of room for a reasonably compact estate.”

Audi A4 Avant

Audi’s A4 estate models offer space, styling and unique features. The car is compatible with off-road driving so SUV fans will still be able to push the limits here. Prices at AA cars start at just under £14,000.

Honda Civic Tourer

The estate version of the popular Civic model was only released six years ago, meaning these cars may be used, but they certainly aren’t old. These cars come with plenty of space and a 624 litre boot space with an average price tag of just over £24,000.

Mr Fairclougfh adds: “This is an estate that should be high on everyone’s list. As you can’t find second-hand tourers for more than a few years old, used prices start higher than those of many other estate models.”

Mercedes E Class Estate

The E Class estate is one of the most practical on the market. The cars staggerting 640 litre boot is one of the largest on the market and its wide interior space is brilliant for young children.

Ford Mondeo Estate

The classic family favourite of course. Where would this list be without the Ford Mondeo after its rich history in the UK car market? Used prices start at an average of just over £12,000 making this one of the best budget options available.

Mr Fairclough said: “After it replaced the Sierra in 1992, the Mondeo has consistently been a great value option for those needing a practical family car that is also fun to drive.”

BMW 5 Series Touring

This is the cheapest option on AA cars list and is suitable for cash-strapped families looking for something new. Prices for this one start from just £2,695 on the used car site.

Mr Fairclough added: “Introduced almost 30 years aho in 1990, the 5 Series Touring has established itself as one of the leading estates on the market. While it may not be as practical as its closest rivals due to its smaller load space, it’s an engaging car to drive and is still a popular choice amongst used car buyers.”

Volvo V90

If safety is a priority, Volvo’s should be high on the radar. The company’s vision that no one will be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo car by 2020 is a testament to their commitment to deliver safety and save lives.

The V90’s 560 litre boot space is smaller than some of their rivals but still offers plenty of space for families while finished off with a stunning Scandinavian design.

Mr Fairclough said: “The estate version was only brought to the Uk market two years ago, so finding one on the second hand market is slightly more challenging than it is with other estates models. Nearly new models can be found for less than £17,500.

Seat Leon ST

This car has a boot capacity of 587 litres and is smaller than other options on the market, but is a cheap and fairly new option to the estate market. The ST has been on sale since just 2013 and second hand options start from just over £4,000.

Mr Fairclough said: “It’s marginally less practical than some of its rivals due to its sloping roofline, but this makes the model look that little bit sportier.”

Peugeot 308 SW

This vehicle offers masses of comfort and is the perfect car for families. The car is also affordable for those on a tight budget with some used 2013 models available on AA cars for just over £10,000. 


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