These couples’ matching tatts will make you cringe


GETTING a tattoo is a permanent decision most don’t make lightly.

But some couples made the leap to etch their declarations of undying love onto their bodies forever.

Even superheros need to be loved

From the cheesy to the to cringey and bizarre, these couples’ matching tattoos are INK-redibly embarrassing.

Scroll through the unconventional matching tattoos that these couples opted for.

If your luck in love hasn’t worked out, these tattoos will surely make you feel better.

Served with extra cheese! These pizza fans really take cheesiness to another level
Michelangelo would be proud! A couple of budding artists have taken inspiration from the Italian painter’s 14th Century masterpiece
This bizarre private joke might just been shared between this couple
So far? This couple may need to fill in the blanks later
Cupid’s arrow has struck this cringey couple
I DONUT know what this couple would do without each other
This recently inked couple look like they’re together for the long haul
Let’s dance! These matching tatts are inspired by John Travolta and Uma Thurman’s scene in Pulp Fiction
It seems like this couple’s Disney fairy tale really did come true
Love as rare as a whale floating in outer space
A tough nut to crack! Ice Age’s Scrat looks like he’s finally found his acorn
A love to weather any storm seems to be the message from this couple
Can kiss my Hass! This matching tatt is pit-ifully bad
Hopefully this couple walks everywhere together and side by side
Sweet together. The artwork leaves a little to be desired
What’s the secret? This creepy match tatt shows two little girls talking through a transmitter radio
Another cartoon-inspired tatt illustration
These coloured little characters are literally jumping for joy
Taking the Mickey?! These Disney fans show they really are the Minnie to his Mickey
The boat and anchor is a popular theme among some nautical lovers
Continuing the nautical theme, this couple guides each other through any ocean
Gaming for love. These Super Mario fans found the very best prize
Perhaps this couple share both a love for animals and a love of the beach
Nothing like a pair of dancing foxes to show the world how different this couple thinks they are
Together like two birds swinging on a perch

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