These fake gangsters and internet tough guys aren’t fooling anybody


THESE internet tough guys and wannabe gangsters brandishing guns and swords for the camera aren’t fooling anybody.

But good on them for trying to fake it ’till they make it – scroll through the hilarious pics and see for yourself.

Jon Snow’s best impersonator

SNAP Viral

At least this guys’s tough enough to go outside in the snow without a shirt on[/caption]

A medieval times tough guy

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He’s got the gear, but no idea[/caption]

The man in black

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This guy will be fighting aliens in no time[/caption]

All the sword skills

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The guy’s been practising his sword twirls for the camera[/caption]

Abs of yellow steel

SNAP Viral

Nothing like a novelty t-shirt to make up for what you’re missing[/caption]

The double barrel pose

SNAP Viral

This tough guy’s not fooling anyone[/caption]

A pair of Matrix wannabes

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Neo was a huge inspiration to wannabe gangsters worldwide[/caption]

The professional shot

SNAP Viral

Anything’s possible when you hire a professional photographer[/caption]

The slogan t-shirt gangster

SNAP Viral

The t-shirt says what the look doesn’t[/caption]

The sword pose

SNAP Viral

He’s got the pose down pat – that’s half the battle[/caption]

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