These ingenious tattoo fixes to cover up exes prove that scorned blokes can be pretty brutal


TATTOOS may be permanent, but unfortunately not all relationships are – so these scorned exes had to get creative after etching their former flames on their skin.

Break-ups are tough enough as it is without a giant inking of your missus on your shoulder blade.

Turning your ex into a mythical beast who turns people to stone isn’t the subtlest cover-up…

These people came up with some very inventive ways of covering up their tattoos – from the hilarious to the petty and downright brutal.

Some blokes were less than subtle after turning portraits of their wives and girlfriends into demons, zombies and even the mythical monster Medusa.

While others showed a bit more good humour – with Marge Simpson, Batman and even a fashion brand logo used as cover-ups.

And some just couldn’t be bothered at all so simply scribbled out their ex’s name and replaced it with their latest squeeze.

We guess some fellas never learn…

Check out the gallery below for our round-up of the best tattoo fixes.

San ban

Cleverly changing your ex’s name to a city is a great way to remember your latest holiday[/caption]


This rather sweet pic has been tweaked into something much more morbid

He nose best

Stick it to your ex where it hurts… by chopping off her nose[/caption]


If your ex is called Lauren and you love Polo – you know what to do[/caption]


A Batman tatt was an ingenious way to cover up this huge name[/caption]

Can’t see the word for the trees

This bloke went a little bit more arty to cover up his ex[/caption]

So Simp-le

Another humerous cover-up, this time using Simpsons character Marge[/caption]

Stick it to her

If covering it up is too hard, just get a stick man to paint over it[/caption]

‘Til Death do us part

Even we think turning your girlfriend into the Grim Reaper is pretty harsh…[/caption]


We hope the terrifying monster in this tatt isn’t a nod to Wendy[/caption]

Null and void

That’s certainly one way to make a mark[/caption]

Feather bust-up

When the name is that long you need a pretty big feather…[/caption]

Hol lot of trouble

Just cross out the last girl’s name and replace it with your new lady – simple[/caption]

Chlo blow

This guy will move mountains to cover Chloe’s name[/caption]

Screw loose

There’s clearly no love lost between this pair
SNAP Viral

Messy mistake

SNAP Viral

Scribbling out the bad memories is one way of covering up a tattoo of your ex[/caption]

Mum’s the word

SNAP Viral

This Mummy’s boy came up with a convenient way of erasing his ex AND showing his love for his mum[/caption]

Blossoming love

SNAP Viral

This woman went for a complete redesign[/caption]

Never froget

SNAP Viral

This is a toadally good way to cover up an ex’s name[/caption]

Long list of regrets

SNAP Viral

Maybe this guy should have realised tatts were a bad idea after the first two names…[/caption]

Rose-tinted glasses

SNAP Viral

Timmy’s no longer visible[/caption]

Stamp of approval

By the look of this cover-up the relation did NOT end amicably


SNAP Viral

Letting your true feelings come out[/caption]

When the past meets the present

SNAP Viral

Comparing a former flame is one way to cover up a past mistake[/caption]

Great esc-ape

SNAP Viral

That’s a very different look – and not a very kind comparison[/caption]

Covering up a former flame

SNAP Viral

A lot of hours must have been spent on this cover-up[/caption]

Wrapped up

SNAP Viral

This tatt is shining more brightly now… must be a metaphor there somewhere[/caption]

Public error

SNAP Viral

Tough one to hide[/caption]


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