These mind-bending optical illusions will make you look twice from a ‘molten lava’ cauliflower to a world map made from bubbles


A CAULIFLOWER resembling molten lava and a map of the world composed of bubbles in a glass will make you look twice in these mind-bending optical illusions.

Most of the time it’s easy to tell if a picture is fake, but this baffling gallery proves that things aren’t always what they seem.

Holy smoke

Bored Panda

Up close, this smoked cauliflower could be mistaken for molten lava. One observer joked that this is how special effects are made in movies[/caption]

Bored Panda has shared the intriguing images showing pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon of seeing patterns in random objects.

Bird’s eye view?

Bored Panda

This may look like a shot of a winter landscape taken from a plane, but a closer look will reveal its actually a close-up of a couple of frozen puddles[/caption]

Winging it

Bored Panda

This cluster of wild flowers amused one Bored Panda user, who said they looked like a little chicken choir holding hymn books’[/caption]

Glass half-full

Bored Panda

The bubbles in this drink appear to have formed a map of the world. One commented: ‘Even the bubbles know not to omit New Zealand’[/caption]

Close shave

Bored Panda

This may look like a futuristic room from a music video, but it’s actually the inside of a cheese grater. One person commented: ‘Kubrick’s Space Odyssey came to mind first. Cool pic!’[/caption]

Highly strung

Bored Panda

Things could get a tad claustrophobic inside this room with no doors. Only it isn’t a room – it’s a picture taken from inside a violin, of course[/caption]

Paws for thought

Bored Panda

This dog looks just like a polar bear after a good soak in the tub[/caption]

Jurassic Park?

Bored Panda

They look like miniature Brachiosaurus dinosaurs from the Steven Spielberg movie. They’re actually just coatis[/caption]

Eye of the tiger

Bored Panda

The person who took this picture said they had a ‘small heart attack’ at first glance – but then realised that the creature sleeping by the roadside was not a wild tiger but a fluffy dog having a snooze[/caption]


Bored Panda

This bizarre shot looks like someone’s music cassette collection. It’s not though – it’s buses carrying tourists to the Mecca in Jerusalem stuck in a traffic jam[/caption]

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