This four-bed property and 110-acres of land could be yours for just £30 – how?


When buying a home, location can be an important factor when picking the property. For anyone hoping to move for some sunshine, a stunning four-bedroom property is selling for just £30. The house is situated in Queensland in Australia and the lucky owner will also get the land which surrounds the property. It is also a quick drive away from the centre of Townsville – why is it so cheap?

The property on offer has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and was built just three-years ago.

As well as offering a lot of privacy, the home boasts warm and sunny weather year-round.

What’s more, the country home is completely mortgage-free.

However, the reason for the cheap price soon becomes clear as the property is being sold by raffle.

With 40,000 tickets on offer, one person will bag themselves the house for the ticket price of just £30.

What’s more, the lucky winner will get a number off add-ons including AUD$30,000, or £16,520.

They will also become the owner of a pet resort business, making this perfect for animal lovers.

In the purchase, all the equipment needed to run the business will be provided.

The seller has calculated the house, cash prize, and the business totals a value of AUD$15,200,000, or around £8,370,263.

For the person who wins the property, all their transfers an taxes will be given for their move.

The property is being offered up by Natalie Giumelli to help someone get onto the property ladder.

She said: “With all the hard work my family and I have put into building our home and our successful company, I know that not many people would have the deposit, in these current economic times, to purchase our beloved home and business.”

For those hoping to buy a cheap property in the UK, a quick scan online can reveal some houses selling for much more than market value.

A three-bedroom house in Liverpool has been put on the market for just £33,125. 

The low-price comes as the buyer would only get a 25 per cent stake in the house.

A flat in London is selling for just £22,148, however there are only five years left on the lease and no option to make a purchase after this. 


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