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Top 50 most reliable used cars to avoid ‘unwelcome headache’ this winter

Used cars are popular due to their relatively low upfront costs and early predictions show that sales are ahead of the same period last year. As interest in the models soar, WhatCar? has revealed the most reliable vehicles on the market.

The i10 and i20 models made the list in ninth and tenth position with a reliability score of 98.9 and 98.8 percent.

The top 50 list included nine hybrid models and the fully-electric Jaguar I-Pace design showing how new technology is filtering down into the used market.

The reliability ratings were based on data supplied by 13,000 owners in the WhatCar? poll.

Each driver was asked whether their car has experienced a major fault within the past 12 months and which areas were affected.

Just 21 percent of owners across cars within the top 50 reported a fault with 68 percent of repairs covered by warranty.

Non-engine problems were the most common problem meaning the issues could be easily repaired.

A total of 36 percent of all cars were driveable and repaired within just one day or less according to the survey.

Mark Pearson, WhatCar’s Used Cars Editor has warned unreliable cars can cause a “headache” for road users.

He said: “Reliability is one of the key concerns for most used buyers, because an unreliable car can quickly turn into an unwelcome headache.

“Fortunately, our top 50 list, combined with our online used car marketplace, takes the hassle out of finding a dependable secondhand car.”

Prospective buyers have previously been warned to check used vehicles thoroughly before considering a purchase.

Experts have urged drivers to consider paying for an independent vehicle inspector to check a car to give you extra peace of mind.

Prospective buyers can look over the whole top 50 most reliable used cars list through WhatCar?


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