Tower of London ravens to be tamed rather than have wings clipped in humane attempt to stop them leaving the tower


The sharp-eyed ravens who guard the Tower of London are such an important part of the building that rumour has it the structure will collapse if they ever leave.

King Charles II is believed to have said in the 17th century that if there were ever less than six a great disaster would fall on the Kingdom, and now six ravens and a spare are kept at the Tower at all times.

Because of this superstition, as well as concern for the safety of the birds, their wings have traditionally been clipped to limit how far they can fly away.

Now, the glossy black birds at the Tower, are being tamed by a pub landlord to stay on site, allowing them to maintain their ability to soar into the skies.

Currently, all the cawing ravens which guard the tower except one, Poppy, have their wings clipped. This is when the flying feathers are cut back so the flight of birds is hugely limited.


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