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Track and trace text: How did the Government get my number for track and trace scheme?


The Government’s track and trace scheme promises to bring a swathe of changes to the country’s coronavirus battle plan. Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced yesterday the new feature would allow for “regional” lockdowns and a more individual approach to the crisis.

How did the Government get my number for track and trace?

While the track and trace system will inevitably make some aspects of the UK lockdown a bit more simple, the information it requires understandably makes some people uneasy.

People who test positive for the disease will need to hand over all of their contact details, as well of those they have spent time within close proximity.

The list includes those they have spent at least 15 minutes within two metres of.

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The latest Government roll-out also came with a new pledge for testing.

The Health Secretary announced yesterday anyone in the UK may now apply for and receive a coronavirus test.

Previously, eligibility was tied to whether people fell into “vulnerable” categories, or were a healthcare worker.

Each positive test should see contacts traced and alerted within 24 hours, but there is no timeline as to when tests will come back this quick.

Speaking on the Liaison Committee yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quizzed by ex-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt as to why some tests were still facing at times significant delays.

In response to if there was a timeline for the tests to come back quicker, the Prime Minister said he was “forbidden from announcing targets”.

Mr Johnson also reiterated his pledge to get to 200,000 daily tests by the end of the month, despite currently lagging behind in this area too.

Less than 100,000 tests were conducted on May 27, not even above the Government’s April target.


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