Train from Wigan to North Korea: 5,000 mile journey launches from UK to Kim’s kingdom


Adventure holiday firm Lupine Travel has organised the trip which takes around a month to complete.

Travellers will go all the way from Greater Manchester to Kim’s capital Pyongyang. 

More than a dozen countries are passed by the train, and it includes numerous stops such as Berlin, Moscow and Beijing. 

The incredible trip to North Korea will set you back £3,195.

North Korea remains one of the most secretive nations in the world, with tourist trips intensely managed by Kim’s heavies.

“People always assume you can’t go there but when they realise you can then makes some people really want to”

James Finnerty

“We’ve run popular trips to North Korea for a while now, most going from Moscow,” Trip manager James Finnerty told the Manchester Evening News.

The 31-year-old said: “So we thought about doing a special, one-off train service.

“We were thinking of starting in Poland, or Berlin or even London.

“But we thought why not go the whole hog and start it in Wigan.”

Lupine Travel

ADVENTURE: Lupine Travel is offering punters the chance to go from Wigan to North Korea (Pic: LUPINE TRAVEL)

North Korea allows foreign visitors – and only around 6,000 westerns visit every year. 

Kim’s state is racked by poverty and famine, but adventurers are usual only exposed to the glamour of a communist utopia.

There is a huge rift between those who live in the villages in countryside and the big cities with tourist resorts shown to holidaymakers. 

Organisers joked that adventurers on the train ride can “avoid Wigan for security reasons” if they want – and can instead start in London. 


HIDDEN KINGDOM: North Korea is isolated from most the world amid ongoing tensions (Pic: GETTY)

Kim statues

SPECTACLE: North Korea’s capital Pyongyang has tall buildings and giant statues (Pic: GETTY)


FAMILY MATTERS: North Korea is built around the cult of personality swirling around the KIns (Pic: GETTY)

North Korea traffic warden

COLD WAR: North Korea has been sealed off from the world since the 50s (Pic: GETTY)

James said: “Obviously the fact it is closed society provides the intrigue and people are fascinated by it.

“People always assume you can’t go there but when they realise you can then makes some people really want to.

“The Wigan leg is a little bit of fun but these trips aren’t a laugh or a joke. They are for people with a real history in world history and culture and going there brings that to life.

“It’s architecture, art and almost everything else are completely different to anywhere else in the world.”

Kim Jong-un

WELCOME TO NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-un appears to be opening up his nation to the West (Pic: GETTY)

Communist thinker Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate Cemetery in London will be the first stop of the trip.

You will then cross into Europe visiting other Cold War attractions, before hurtling into Russia and going to Lenin’s Mausoleum and Stalin’s Grave in Moscow.

The train ride will then allow you to take in the Ural Mountains and the Great Wall of China whilst passing along the route of the Trans Siberian Railway.

And then you will cross into North Korea, spending four nights in Pyongyang, visiting the DMZ and travelling over the mystical Mount Myohyang. 


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