Train SMASHES into cop car responding to call of baby not breathing in horrifying video


Footage of the incident, filmed in Midland, Texas, US yesterday, shows two police cars at a railroad crossing with their blue lights flashing while a slow-moving train passes in front of them.

When the officer sees an open space, he speeds forward over the tracks.

But he fails to spot another train approaching and it suddenly ploughs into the left-hand side of the officer’s car, sending it flying up the track before flipping over.

Another eyewitness recorded the horror moment the car went flying past her.

The woman can be heard initially jumping before praying for the officer.

The deputy in the car positioned behind pulled the injured sheriff through the windshield, according to KWES.

He sustained only minor injuries and was taken to a hospital.

During an interview with KWES, Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter said the westbound train blocked the deputy’s view of the incoming east-bound train that was moving “at a high rate of speed”.

The railroad crossing sign was working at the time of the crash, but the deputy made the decision to cross the railroad tracks, Midland Reporter-Telegram reported.

Painter told KWES that the baby they were responding to survived.

It comes after a burst tyre detached from a lorry and ripped through the roof of another car, only narrowly missing the driver.

The wife of a man seriously injured in a horrific hit and run crash has released images of his injuries in a bid to catch the driver.


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