Trainee doc admits faking prescription for 'embarrassing' medical problem


The doc was found guilty of professional misconduct after using a colleague’s name to illegally get a prescription for Amoxicillin.

The antibiotics in question are often used to treat bacterial infections including urinary tract infections, skin infections and pneumonia.

But Dr Williams was caught out on March 26th 2018 when she went to collect the tablets and the pharmacist became suspicious.

As a precaution, the pharmacist contacted the prescribing doctor who could not remember signing off on the prescription.

Health bosses advised Williams to report to the General Medical Council and she was forced to face a disciplinary hearing for her actions. 

At the hearing at Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, Manchester the dishonest doctor said: “I did something really stupid but I didn’t believe it at the time. 

“I just thought it was a prescription for antibiotics but it has had a massive impact on myself and my confidence and I think it has been a huge strain on my relationship. It was completely out of character – I don’t know what was going through my head at the time.

Ashleigh Williams

DISHONEST: Trainee GP Dr Ashleigh Williams faked a prescription (Pic: CAVENDISH PRESS)

“The biggest thing was lying about it as well. I shouldn’t have done that – there are so many different ways I could have dealt with it.”

Ashleigh Williams

“’The biggest thing was lying about it as well. I shouldn’t have done that – there are so many different ways I could have dealt with it. I have just tried to make up for it since. 

“I understand that the prescribing doctor is affected too – I have known her for quite a period of time I have worked with her it must be really difficult for her to be able to trust me again as a doctor. I have lost her trust.

“The following day they gave me some antibiotics anyway. The biggest thing for me has been being open to my colleagues about my health needs, I don’t think embarrassment is an issue. 

Burnley General Hospital

TRAINEE DOC: Ashleigh Williams works at Burnley General Hospital (Pic: GOOGLE MAPS)

“I have tried to be very open with everyone, I have done the reading and booked onto courses about risk, apologising, learned that if you lie that has a knock on effect. I realised I have to be open and honest.

”I have tried as best I could I can prove I’m an honest trustworthy doctor.”

Dr Williams has since completed a “Significant Event Analysis” and although her actions were criticised, the panel said she is still fit to practice medicine. 


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