Trans lawyer tries to stop catholic journalist tweeting her as she seeks high court injunction


A transgender lawyer is trying to stop a Catholic journalist sending tweets to her by seeking an anti-harrassment injunction through the High Court.

Stephanie Hayden, a commentator and activist who is legally female, alleges that Caroline Farrow sent her hundreds of tweets over the course of several days.

Mrs Farrow is a mother of five with strong religious views who has previously made headlines for a separate clash with the transgender community. 

It is claimed by Ms Hayden that she was subjected to unsavoury accusations during the course of the alleged episode on social media. 

An application was made to the High Court yesterday morning for an anti-harassment injunction against Mrs Farrow, it is understood.

Mr Justice Waksman decided a further hearing should be held which gave the journalist an opportunity to offer her side of the story and issued an order to be delivered to her personally.

Ms Hayden wrote on Twitter: “Today I served an Order of the High Court with the authority and authorisation of a High Court Judge. I have no further statement to make.”

Both women have previously been involved in high-profile rows over transgender identity.

Mrs Farrow was asked to attend a voluntary police interview after she allegedly used the wrong pronoun when referring to another campaigner’s transgender daughter.


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