‘Tripping’ grandma giggles and sings after ‘eating her grandson’s cannabis brownies’ in hilarious video


HILARIOUS footage shows a grandmother giggling and swaying after accidentally eating her grandson’s cannabis-laced brownies.

The woman is seen sat in a black leather recliner, struggling to get hold of a glass before leaning back in the chair and beginning to sing.

A woman is seen having eaten her grandsons cannabis laced brownies
She sits in a recliner giggling and struggling to pick up a glass
She eventually succeeds in picking it up and taking a sip

She eventually manages to take a sip by holding the glass with both hands, before slowly putting the glass down and clapping them together.

The clip of the unnamed woman was posted on Monday and has gone viral, gaining nearly 200,000 views.


Edibles is a term for cannabis-based food.

They can be made using many different foods, and contain either one or both of the active ingredients in marijuana, THC and CBD (cannabidiol).

They typically take 30 to 60 minutes to kick in because the active ingredients have to be absorbed and metabolized by the digestive system.

Their effects typically last for six to eight hours.

Some people use them to avoid the respiratory issues, such as , lung inflammation, bronchitis, and an elevated cancer risk caused by smoking.

At one point she leans back in the chair and begins to sing
She then manages to slowly put the glass back down
After completing the manoeuvre the woman claps her hands together

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