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Tropical storm Isaias to batter East Coast after Florida sees near-miss


North Carolina however is on high alert, as it looks set to suffer from Isaias today. Concerns have been raised that Isaias could strengthen into a hurricane while offshore. It was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm on Saturday as it moved close to Florida’s coastline.

The National Hurricane Centre said that Florida dodged the worst of Isaias on Sunday evening.

It claimed that Isaias was about 55 miles to the east-southeast of Cape Canaveral.

Lisa DeLaRionda, a spokeswoman for Palm Beach County, announced no widespread damage to the state from the storm.

She added: “We still are experiencing some winds. However, based on the latest forecast, those winds should be dying down early afternoon.”

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But while the storm is expected to stay offshore as it moves past Georgia and South Carolina, it is travelling north with windspeed at a rapid 70 miles per hour.

Isaias is expected to hit parts of South Carolina and the south of North Carolina by Monday night.

The NHC issued a hurricane watch for the two states due to Isaias’ impending landfall.

They added: “A turn toward the north and north-northeast along with an increase in forward speed is anticipated on Monday and Tuesday.”

Isaias is also thought to be making tracks towards New York, Washington and Philidelphia.

By Tuesday, the three states will have seen heavy rains and minor flooding.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has expressed he is “concerned” about the tropical storm but added the state is “getting ready for it”.

He said: “We’re preparing. It’s Monday night, Tuesday primarily.

“It’s supposed to be over by Wednesday morning. But people should start to take note.”

Isaias has already caused destruction in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

The Dominican Republic has seen at least two deaths related to the storm.

Puerto Rico has suffered power outages for thousands of homes and businesses, and at least one person has died.


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