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Trump opponents preparing for anarchy and riots on election day – secret meeting exposed


The preparations were set out in a meeting between dozens of what have been described as “leading progressive groups”. The two-hour meeting involved leaders from more than 50 left-wing groups and was hosted by the Fight Back Table initiative.

It aims to get groups of left-wing organisations to co-operate on political matters.

Sources close to the meetings told political news outlet the Daily Beast they were “serious” and “panicked”.

During the meeting, participants observed a recent report from another group called the Transition Integrity Project which warned there is a “high” potential for violent clashes following the vote.

One member of the discussions said plans were set out for what they would do if Mr Trump’s supporters were to shut down polling stations.

They also said more severe situations were discussed, such as hardline supporters of Mr Trump showing up with weapons at polling stations, adding: “I don’t know what preparation we can possibly do for that.”

Conversely, they discussed how Biden supporters could occupy spaces and protest “not just on Election Day but for weeks.”

Rahna Epting, director of anti-Trump group MoveOn and a participant of the Fight Back Table initiative, told reporters progressive groups would “fight” against “what we truly see as a president who has gone off the rails and taking this country down an authoritarian fascist path.”

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To imagine the outcomes, a bipartisan group of over 100 people were told to role-play each scenario, acting as members of the Trump or Biden campaigns or members of the public.

They decided that in every situation except a clear Joe Biden victory, mass clashes between right and left-wing supporters resulted.

A report from the war game scenarios stated: “The potential for violent conflict is high, particularly since Trump encourages his supporters to take up arms.

“We anticipate lawsuits, divergent media narratives, attempts to stop the counting of ballots, and protests drawing people from both sides.”

In May, protesters armed with rifles took to the streets to protest coronavirus restrictions in the US state of Michigan, whom Mr Trump described as “very good people”.

Nils Gilman, one of the founders behind the Transition Integrity Project, said one of the reasons a potential for violence is so high is because there is a period of nearly three months between the election result and the inauguration of the next president.

He told Vox news this period of time could allow people to “potentially get up to a lot of mischief” if they are unhappy with the results.


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