Twisted devil dad forced his own kids have sex with him, his wife, his ex-wife and his dog


Christopher Sena has been handed 54 life sentences and caged for 341 years for the sex crimes. 

His ex-wives Deborah Sena, 53, and Terrie Sena, 48, have also been sent to prison for a minimum of 10 years each for being “willing participants”.

He even recorded videos of his horrific acts – some of which were shown to the jury at his trial. 

Judge William Kephart condemned his crimes as “very perverted” and “highly selfish”. 

The dad has been in jail since 2014 and has only now been sentenced for the horrific attacks.

“I was just an object for him to do awful things to because there was no one there to tell him otherwise.”


One of his victims – now an adult – said she suffered years of “evil” abuse carried out by Sena.

The sex beast only cared about fulfilling his own “selfish desires”, she said.

The victim added: “I was just an object for him to do awful things to because there was no one there to tell him otherwise.

“It was better without him in my life.”

Christopher Sena

SICKO: Christopher Sena abused his children – even making them have sex with his dog (Pic: PH)

Sena’s crimes were uncovered in 2014 when a SWAT team raided his trailer in Las Vegas.

The police found out about it after one of the children told a family lawyer about the vile assaults. 

During his trial, prosecutor James Sweetin said: “‘This was all done without concern for the children or anyone else.

“This is what he wanted, and this is what he got.”

Deborah Sena

MUGSHOT: Deborah Sena was married to Christopher and was ‘willing’ in the abuse (Pic: PH)

Terrie Sena

VILE: Terrie Sena was also a ‘willing participant’ in the abuse (Pic: PH)

Sena was convicted of 95 of the 120 counts he faced over the sexual abuse of his own children.

Sweetin said they are trying to send a message with his large sentence.

“Those victims are putting their lives together, “ Sweetin said.

“It’s my hope that this help them, give them some closure so that they can get on with the rest of their lives,” said Sweetin.”

Christopher Sena

TRAILER PARK: Christopher Sena’s home was raided by a SWAT team in 2014 (Pic: FACEBOOK)

Judge Kephart said: “I am ashamed that it had to come out of the city that I love.”

He was found guilty on multiple accounts of sexual assault of a minor, incest, production of pornography, lewdness with a child younger than 14 and child abuse.

Both women took plea deals which saw them handed a single life sentence for allowing the abuse to happen.

Sena won’t be eligible for parole until 2360.


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