Two ‘Mowgli’ boys, 4 and 1, found living in feral conditions with a cat in Ukraine


TWO young “Mowgli” boys and a cat “living in feral conditions” have been rescued from a filthy home littered with cigarette butts in Ukraine.

The children, aged 4 and 1, lived in a dirty flat filled in “socially dangerous conditions” according to police in the city of Cherkasy in central Ukraine.

Two young ‘mowgli’ boys have been found abandoned in a filthy home in central Ukraine
The pair were discovered when the eldest boy, 4, was wandering the streets to find food

The severely neglected boys were found by chance in the Cherkasy Oblast region, after the oldest boy, Aleksey, 4, was spotted looking for food in the street.

Some passers-by saw him wandering alone in dirty clothes and delving into rubbish bins, so called the police.

Unable to speak properly, Aleksey could not tell the cops where his mother was but led them to his home.

The front door of the family’s flat was open.

Inside the officers saw Aleksey’s one-year-old brother Danya crawling naked on the floor, crying and calling his mum.

Examining the kitchen, the cops found no food and a completely empty fridge.

Children’s toys, rubbish and cigarette butts were covering the floor, which was covered in cigarette butts and black with dirt.

Two sofas in the bedroom were so dirty that it was impossible to guess what colour they were.

Cops said they could smell rotting garbage in every room and see exposed electric wires lying on the floor in the living room.

The children’s mother, Alena, 21, appeared 30 minutes after the police entered the apartment and said she “did not have time for cleaning and cooking”.

Neighbours reported that the single mum, who was often drunk, never took the children outside for a walk.

Authorities said the family “lived in socially dangerous conditions” and none of the boys had never seen a doctor or attended kindergarten.

The children were removed from their mother and taken in an orphanage.

Victor Vichkan, the head deputy of local children protection service, said: “The mother is not interested in her sons’ fate.

“She has never visited the younger son in the orphanage.

“She is difficult to deal with.

“A special commission is to decide whether she would be deprived of parental rights.

“It is more likely she would.”

Reports say Aleksey and Danya are doing well in the orphanage and do not even ask about their mother.

Animal activists removed the pet cat from the woman’s flat, doubting that she would be able to take care of it.

An animal activist said to local media: “When we came to the flat, the front door was open and nobody was inside instead of the young skinny cat.

“We removed the cat and took her to a vet clinic.

“We think somebody put out a cigarette on her head after finding a telling scar.

“A woman wants to adopt the cat and take good care of her.”

The kitchen of the family flat was filthy when police found it
The boy’s mother, Alena, arrived at the flat 30 minutes after police
The two boys and the family’s pet cat were all taken away from their mother, who arrived at the house 30 minutes after police
Police were unable to communicate properly with the boys as they hadn’t learned to speak properly
The floors of the flat were filthy and covered in cigarette butts
The fridge was completely empty with no food or drink available for the two boys
The boy’s 21-year-old mother would leave cigarette butts in the kitchen
A cat was taken away from the flat along with the two boys
The floor of the family flat was covered in mess

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