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'Two queens!' Kate Middleton fans in meltdown as she teams up with Camilla for new project


Both royals have patronages with organisations including East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) and Helen & Douglas House. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall joined a video call with staff from their children’s hospices Patronages.

The royals listened to how they have been supporting families during the coronavirus pandemic.

One social media user said: “Great job Duchess.”

While another exclaimed: “Two Queens!! Gosh Kate looks amazing.”

The Duchess of Cornwall said at the beginning of the call: “Thank you all for zooming in to join Catherine and I today at the start of Children’s Hospice week.”

She decided to talk about her own initial experiences visiting a children’s hospice.

She said: “I was going to start, before I asked all of you to share your experiences by describing what I felt like when I first went to visit a children’s hospice.

“Helen Douglas House as it was then, I think it was about 13 years ago and I have to admit I was filled with a certain amount of trepidation because I wasn’t sure what I was going to find.

“When I arrived I was totally amazed by what I found, the feeling of warmth and laughter and happiness.”

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These organisations provide help to children and families affected by life-liming conditions.

In the video call, Kate Middleton said: “Obviously I’m a massive fan of the work that the staff do and the fact that families are able to live as close to their home environment as they possibly can in what is really difficult circumstances is extraordinary.

“It’s a credit to the staff really that can provide the environment to help them go through, whether it’s long term care or shorter care is really awe-inspiring.”

She then asked: “How is everything at the moment going for you all with the pandemic and everything like that, has it put lots of extra challenges on the service that you provide for your families?”

The Duchesses where joined by Eddie Farewell, the Chief Executive of Children’s Hospice South West

He replied: “Absolutely, it means that we have had to be very agile on our feet in terms of responding to the changing needs of families.

“Obviously most of our families are shielding very vulnerable people, young people and not wanting many of them to venture from their homes. So we’ve had to turn our family based respite model into something else.”

The Duchess of Cornwall praised the support that the children’s hospices have given during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “We’d like to thank everybody that works for hospices across the UK for the incredible job you do and allowing families to treasure their moments together.”

Children’s Hospice Week is organised by Together for Short Lives charity and takes place between 22-28 June.


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