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UFC fighter Andreas Michalidis falls out of cage in bizarre ending


The UFC action returned to the octagon following the booming success of the Fight Island main event card on Saturday.

Despite the names not being as big as the blockbuster Saturday card, the fights have delivered with fans eating up every single second.

But in the fourth fight of the night one of the most bizarre endings to a UFC fight you’re ever likely to see took place.

A back and forth opening round between Modestas Baukauskas and Andreas Michalidis took a strange twist in the dying seconds the fight was turned on its head. Michalidis attempted to take down Baukauskas but left his head exposed and Baukauskas began reigning down elbows.

As the horn sounded Michalidis dropped to his knees with referee Daniel Movahedi standing over him checking to make sure the fight could continue.

After being instructed to get up, Michalidis attempted to do so only to stumble backwards and fall out of the cage after the door behind him had been opened.

“Legal shots, up you get,” Movahedi said.

“Andreas, they were legal shots, up you get.

“You good?” Movahedi asked. “You good?”

After Michalidis fell backwards, the ref admittedly waved off the fight, The ending caused mass confusion among fans watching on with many believing a rematch or protest was in order.

“That’s a shame,” former UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, said in commentary. “I understand why the referee did that, but he didn’t know that the door opened for my money.”


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